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The size and complexity of today's Telecom networks is continuously growing, and with it the cost of planning these networks. Network planning has to reach a delicate balance between cost, network performance, and up-time of business critical services. To successfully master this task, ISG experts enable Telecom operators and vendors to develop complex networks with superior planning that leads to low cost and high performance. We offers its planning services across the entire span of all telecom networks elements.

Complementing to its planning service, we offers network design for board-level design, special systems packaging, and custom design. With its in-depth knowledge and consultative approach, Nextel can accelerate time to market, reduce risk, and lower deployment lifecycle costs, by providing robust, highly-differentiated network design. This includes the following:

Network Low-level design

Network High-level design

Network deployment design


Creating solutions for our clients existing network along with meeting the challenges that arise as new networks develop. Network field services are managed and overseen by our teams of engineers and outdoor technical experts that are ready for the challenge. They are stationed out in the field, relying on one another, and rely on their outdoor and technical skill sets to see the job done right.

Ensuring a safe working environment while in the field for our teams is of the highest priority at Intelligent Solutions Group. Whether doing a site survey, site development, or installing a new tower we see that strict safety protocols are followed at all times.

Our network field Services include

Site survey

and audit.

Installation and de-installation - civils, lines, and antennas.

New construction site development, operations, and engineering.

Nationwide redeployment -

test and turn-up.

Decommissioning and harvesting.

Logistic infrastructure - transport, warehouse and tracking.


To guarantee the best coverage, capacity and performance, our skilled engineers and project managers will work hard to optimize the network and provide a dependable service.

Services include:

  • Network drive testing and analysis
  • Correct orientation and tilts of antennas
  • Inspection of feeder and antenna installations and verification of test results
  • Verify GPS coordinates
  • Verify GPS coordinates
  • Attending and auditing sites at handover meetings
  • Inspection of all civils and electrical works
  • Inspection of structural steelwork
  • Full 24 hour service support Centre

IT Staffing Services Include:


Contract to Perm

Direct Hire

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