Our Talent Bank

We, at ISG, believe that staffing should not be REACTIVE, and that the best talent could not be found on job portals. Most Recruiting firms and recruiters are not trained to think strategically. Recruiters are taught to fill an immediate need and most of their duties are operational and tactical. For ISG, success depends on Recruiters and Recruitment Managers thinking strategic and long term.

Active NOT Reactive:

We have a state of the art repository of potential staff. This is our biggest asset in satisfying our customers’ staffing needs. Imagine an average staffing firm. A clients’ request for a technical resource can very easily create havoc. The reason is that average staffing firms do REACTIVE staffing. The talent presented as the result of this reactive approach would be a big tradeoff of quality.ISG on the other hand makes sure to have a number of pre screened and pre interviewed marvelously talented staff base that complies with all the requirements of the client.

Allow us to discuss your Staffing needs, assist with scoping, or help with strategic direction at no cost to your organization. We will work with you to examine risks, identify gaps and other threats as well as to validate your chosen path. If you determine that our staffing services would be beneficial, we will construct an agreement that will be mutually acceptable

Contact us today to speak with our staff that can help you achieve your future IT initiatives much better.

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